Judgement and spiritual development

I was involved in a conversation in a womens group today about judgement. I have been exploring judgement for a long time and this is what I have come to understand.
When we judge another for being a certain way arent we really judging that same part of ourselves that we see in the other person – an aspect of ourselves that we may be disowning and denying, or an aspect that exists only in potential. All judgement then is self judgement.
How can I use this knowledge? If I look for the aspect of my self that I am judging by judging the other person within me then I can see whether I am in fact also judging myself in this way. If I am not this way but I am still judging then I can ask myself the following questions?
If I was the way this person is how would I react to my judgemental words?
How would I be treatingmyself and how would I feel if I was judging myself in this way?
How would I be kind and compassionate to myself if I was like this person?
What would I NEED from myself if I were like this person? What would I need from others?.

Does not practising that kindness and compassion with ourselves not then allow us to be that way with another and vice versa?

SO if you find yourself judging another look for the following things?

How you might be like that person and how you might be judging yourself in the same way.
And how can you use the presence of judgement to develop kindness and compassion for yourself and for others.


Practising every day

For the longest time I talked about my spirituality…and talked and talked lol. But I wasnt putting anything into practice. I had lots of insightful ideas and lots of information but I found it hard to motivate myself towards action. Im glad to say that has changed. Im now getting to grips with a spiritual practice I am customising for myself to suit me. This involves looking for things to be greatful for in difficult situations that would have caused me resentment and anger before.
Learning to love everything as a divine expression of God – letting God love God through me.
Reflection and journalling

These are the things I currently do and I am feeling so fulfilled with my life in many areas.

My affirmations of the moment are
“I am safe IN God”
“It’s not personal” (From the four agreements)

I am learning to let go of assumptions and expectations and feel this is aided by a sense of safety within God. Trust and faith is the key here, trusting in the bigger picture.

I have let go of my woundedness after reading Caroline Myss – Why people dont heal and how they can and that has made a big difference in my life because I no longer base my relationships or bring into them my wounds which makes for healthier relationships.

Life is good people. Cofidence is finally growing within, a confidence based on knowing who I am inside and of finding safety in God.

I am blessed

Paying Attention to the Calls of the Body

I’ve been feeling so tired lately.  I could sleep all day and not bat an eyelid lol.  I been feeling that this is due to my diet and lack of healthy food and not drinking water. 

So I paid heed to my body and went on a shopping spree to get fruit and veg yesterday big time.  I did cauliflower cheese for tea last night which was yum!  Drank lots of water which was not so yum.  This morning I had a fruit smoothie and half a grapefruit for breakfast and water and I have to say I am already feeling a big response in my body to the healthy food.  I feel like my eyes are more awake and that my body is more alive.

Can I keep it up is the question.  Before I went to sleep I asked for help with this and this morning just before I woke up properly I had an image and feeling of Jesus and him being tempted by the devil in the desert.  Thinking symbolically I can use this to draw on strength to resist my own temptations whenever I do feel tempted to mess up my diet.


Growing Up at Last

Well I had another healing crisis over christmas lasting into February and it seems to have done the trick…that and some medication anyhow.  My values have had an enormous shift into the spiritual realm and I have stopped chasing this and that.  I no longer seem driven by my desires to have more and more.  I am resting in my soul.  Trusting in God, the Universal Source, and life…well with trust life is SSSOOOOOO much easier.

I feel fully in my body and grounded and rooted into my boots.  I have never felt like this…and let me tell you it feels great.

I’m no longer running away from myself…or from God.  In fact my mantra at the moment is “I rest safely in God and in God I am forever safe”.

I have been exploring judgement of which I have had a big fear and I have realised this week that for me judgement means rejection and rejection means I dont fit in which then becomes a survival issue for me.  If I dont fit in that threatens my survival.  Of course this is the attitude of a child and I am no longer a child.  I plan to hold a ceremony for my childhood and release the patterns from my past in a fire ritual.  It is time to do a whole host of letting go.  Letting go of my woundology beliefs, letting go of my need to fit in, letting go of the child I was and becoming fully the woman I am.  I want to honour the child I was in this way because she taught me so much and I love her but it is time to lay the past to rest be the strong, sensitive woman God has made me into.

Letting go of the need to fit in and instead having a preference to fit in feels like it has brought a big shift for me.  I do NOT have to fit with EVERYBODY and if I dislike some people well so be it and if they dislike me well so be that.  It’s okay.  I haven’t got to fix or alter myself to try to fit.  I can be me and just walk away and that’s okay.  Swans, and hens and cats just do not go together and that too is OKAY!

And what’s more I have found my true voice.  My voice.  I have always been swayed by other people who had stronger personalities than me and noticed myself try to adopt their voice in writing.  Thinking their way was better than mine and if I adopted their way I would fit in. I think maybe I was attracted to their power.  How silly of me lol.  Obviously I was disowning my own power, and projecting it onto others and not allowing the power of my own voice to shine through.  Shine on.



Dying at last

I am finally dying.  I am letting go of all that I thought I was.  Letting go of the cage which I had built for myself by choosing to define myself as this and not that…  Letting go of every false ego need.  Letting go…and letting Goddess.

I have stop running from the silence and instead am resting within it. Singing into it.  Letting go into it.  Listening into it.  Feeling into it and experiencing the Mother’s love. Sacrificing myself to it. Trusting in the life/death/life cycle and waiting to see how Goddess will decide to remake me.

I have been a stubborn student.  I haven’t come to Goddess in style.  No graceful entry here.  I have come in shame and shit.   I have come with my hair tangled with twigs and my face scorched by fire.  I have come with the soles of my feet split and my nails black with digging.  I am streaked by my own sweat and blood and tears.  My fingers are knarled into claws from my desparate clinging and grasping onto illusion.

But I am here now…and I have a bag full of well earned treasures with which I adorn myself.

And now what…well I don’t know and I’m okay not knowing.  I am resting in my heart and waiting for what is unfolding to unfold.  No grasping.  No needing to be this or that and not that.  No needing to fill the silence.  Just resting, just dying, just letting go.

I shall not let myself get so far from Home again.  I shall sacrifice and let go of myself every night, I shall dismember myself, eat myself back to my bare bones and spit myself back into the void, into the silence, and rest in the Great Mother’s womb until morning from where I trust she will birth me anew each day just as she needs me to be.

Turning to face the darkness within

On the door “Knock, Knock”. I know who’s out there, you can’t come in. You are NOT part of me. I will not accept you. GO AWAY.
“KNOCK, KNOCK”, reject, deny, run away, lock the door, barricade, defend, protect…but for God’s sake don’t look at it!
“BANG, BANG”, panic, fear, shame, denial, arrogance, defiance…you are NOT part of me…NO WAY
“If you will not let me in I will bloody well let myself out and then you will have to notice me for I will wreak havoc in your life.”

Ah yes, the shadow…all our denied, rejected parts of ourselves. Well part of my shadow has been knocking my door for many years now and I have kept turning him away refusing to accept him as part of myself. In counselling class the other day I was given a sheet for personal development which looks at unhealthy motivations for becoming a counsellor. (Purposely given?…perhaps) I looked at them and went thank God that’s not me and wrinkled my nose up in rejection at the behaviours and motivations listed there. The wrinkled nose of rejection should have been a dead give away…you’d think so. At the end of the session the tutor goes round the room asking what we got from the session. I said I found the self development sheet interesting and was glad that some of my motivations had changed…and in that moment I believed it.
…and then my shadow knocked on the door.
That is me, I have those behaviours and motivations, ask your observer self, it’s been watching me, it knows me even if you dont or wont, it saw me being a knowitall, it saw me arrogant, it saw me getting my needs met whilst you weren’t looking in ways that you will be appalled at. Come on look at me, see me, know me.
…and my inner child panicked and spiralled into feelings of shame. “Oh no, everyone has seen this part acting out, they will reject us for sure now, I’m so scared, I’m so ashamed this part exists, reject it, disown it quick, hide it, suppress it, run away, lock it out, oh, oh ,oh”
I picked up my inner child safe in my arms. CALM DOWN, says I determined to be mistress of my own house. I got my torch and whipped my face round to confront the shadow. I threw open the door with a burst of determination and more than a bucketful of courage and shone the torch full in the face of my shadow. His face was etched with the pain of rejection and suffering and in that moment my heart wept for how I had caused myself such pain. You are welcome here, said I. Come in, said I. Come into my house, my house is your house now, come in, sit down. First of all I am deeply sorry for locking you outside in the garden, in the cold, in the darkness, and for not accepting you as part of me for so, so long. I ask your forgiveness for the pain and suffering I can feel it has caused you. I gently reached out and took his hand and tugged him forward into my house, my heart aching for him. I want to get to know you now, said I quietly. Tell me what is it you need and how can I give it to you?
“I need to be needed,” he said, for twas definitely a male part of me. You need to be needed by ME, said I, with realisation. Okay I want you to know that I now know and accept that I NEED YOU. What else do you need? “I need to be right.” said he. I thought for a moment and said, Is it that you need to be right or that you are afraid to be wrong? “Oh” said he, “It is that I need to be right because I am afraid to be wrong! Being wrong was dangerous for you as a child so I learned to protect you by always trying to be right”. Well, said I, I want you to know that it is now safe for you to be wrong, in fact, said I, I want you to practice being wrong this week so that you can get used to how it feels to be wrong and learn to know that it’s okay to be wrong. What’s more, said I, being wrong opens us up to new possibilities of learning and learning is something I love to do. What else do you need? “I need to be approved of and have recognition for my smartness, I need to feel important!” I looked at my life and saw all the ways in which my shadow self had been getting his needs met. Mmmm, said I, how would you feel if I assigned you a new purpose, a new role, one that is incredibly important to ME and needs smartness and intelligence to do? “I would like that” he said. Here is your new purpose, said I, and laid it out flat. He grabbed it enthusiatically with both hands, and looked at me with excitement, and I felt a rush of love for him for that. I want you to know, said I, that I need you, I know that what you do for ME is important, I value you for your smartness and your intelligence and I can accept you completely when you are wrong and make mistakes. There is no longer any need for you to grab my attention by acting out in the world. I value your counsel and respect your views and will consider them carefully when I make choices in my life. But you must know this, you are no longer permitted to to take the driving seat of this bus, you are NOT master of this house, I want you to know and accept that is my job. How do you feel about these things? “I am happy to be loved and valued, accepted and needed by YOU and I want you to drive the bus,” said he, “I never wanted to drive it anyway, I just wanted to be on it, I just want to live in this house and be part of the wholeness that is you.” said he. I smiled at him and stroked his face softly, tenderly, my friend, said I looking him deeply in the eye, I want you as part of my wholeness too. Come, said I, we have much learning to do together so that you can fulfil your new role for me…

My inner child has spent some days expressing her shame (while I have been present for her and held her) at this part being part of us and for his behaviours in the world but is gradually coming to accept him. I learned how important it is to have unconditional positive regard, empathy and presence with all of the selves that make up the self that is me.

I have had to set boundaries with this newly embraced part of my self and give it some new rules to follow. We shall see how this pans out…

Giving the Inner Child Talking Space

I recently introduced family meetings into our home. We hold them every Sunday night at 6.00 or there abouts. My husband grumbles “Oh I get enough meetings in work” but he still attends, bless him. (My crazy wife is at it again). My daughter is thriving on them. We have a talking stone that we hold to talk and we all respect the space of the talker until they release the stone.

I realised today that my inner family would benefit from having “talking space”. When I have had emotions come up today I have been treating them as messages from one of my inner children and inviting them onto my lap and allowing myself to be present with them whilst I allow full expression of the feeling, and open my ears to hear all the thoughts that come with the feeling. I wrote them in my journal. I validated the feelings and valued the thoughts that came up and allowed them to pass. I soothed my inner child and showered her with approval and love and honoured her input. I had to do some “seed sorting” to work out which information belonged in the past and which was valuable, useful information for now. I then worked out how I would apply the learning. It has proved a very interesting experience. I have been left with a powerful satisfied inner feeling of having been heard. Cradling the emotion “in my lap” and allowing it full expressing leaves me feeling as the adult without becoming overwhelmed by the “child”. C’est tres bien!

Just writing that is a little epiphany. I have had a bee in bonnet earlier this year about not being heard by others. God dang. I know now I should have asked of myself “Which part/s of me need to be heard and how am I not listening to them?”. Hindsights a wonderful thing, foresight is preferrable please (asking within).